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Unity for the Climate

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Unity for the Climate is calling on political parties, individual MPs and 2015 federal election candidates to show that they are truly dedicated to addressing the climate change crisis, restoring environmental science in Canada and acknowledging first nations treaty rights and inherent sovereignty by demonstrating commitments to the following changes.

  1. To address the existing climate crisis by enacting new legislation and emission standards to meet or exceed the Harper Government’s 2008 commitments to reduce carbon emissions by 17% from 2005 levels by 2020. 
  2. To commit to stricter, legally-binding targets at the UNFCCC COP 20 conference in Peru. 
  3. To encourage the same or greater commitments of all UNFCCC participants while guaranteeing that Canada’s targets are not dependent on the policies of any other country: To lead through action and advocacy, and not delay in the name of unequal application across global targets.
  4. To recognize and honour indigenous sovereignty, treaties with first nations, their inherent land rights, and the environmental protection of their natural resources.
  5. To reverse internal policies that prevent Canadian scientists from communicating directly with the media and public, and to legislate clear guidelines for editorial control by government officials.
  6. To restore the approximately-$160 million in funding to environmental research and protection agencies cut by the ‘Jobs, growth and Long-term Prosperity Act’ of 2012 (Bill C-38).
  7. To repeal the changes to Navigation Protection Act made by Bill C-45.

We hope to meet with MPs and election candidates across Canada to discuss their commitments and ideas to achieve unity for the climate. All elected officials are encouraged to proactively show their support written commitments to the above by contacting organizers.