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Unity for the Climate


Unity for the Climate is a grassroots project and campaign, supported by the involvement of people like yourself. There’s a huge range of ways you can participate to raise awareness, increase political will and provoke the federal government to help us address climate change. Below are just a few of the ways that you can help; Unity for the Climate also counts wholeheartedly on your innovative ideas and initiatives.

Want to ride or run with me to Ottawa? Learn more now!

Spread the Word

Every act of sharing the message helps to foster a loud, strong, cohesive voice in the fight against climate change. Talking to your friends and family about the issues at stake is an invaluable contribution to the campaign. There are a ton of other ways you can help spread the word:

  • Check out the Tumblr blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page and repost as much as you can.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper telling them why they should cover the Unity for the Climate campaign.
  • Visit our Assets page for digital art and printable posters; share them far and wide!
  • Create your own artwork to promote the cause.

Petition Your MP

Petition your local MP to commit to solid deliverables for reversing the effects of climate change, to work across party lines to push for more ambitious targets at the next United Nations climate change conference, to respect first nations treaties and inherent land rights in your community and to free federal scientists from government muzzling.

Donate In-Kind

The journey from Victoria to Ottawa relies on the support of hundreds. If you live or have a business along the route, you can sponsor the journey by offering a meal or a bed for one night. Myself and others on the journey may also occasionally need bicycle repairs, extra parts and equipment. If you think you can help, get in touch!

… Or Donate Cash

Monetary donations will be used exclusively to help spread the word about Unity for the Climate, the climate change crisis and related environmental issues in Canada. Your generous support will help us publish and distribute promotions and host events to drastically enhance the reach of the campaign. NOTE: Unity for the Climate is not a registered charity or a registered non-profit. Unfortunately we cannot provide tax receipts for donations.  Donate now!


Volunteers are needed both along for the journey and stationed in communities across Canada. Roles will largely be self-defined, but existing volunteers and participants will help you to get started. Roles include:

  • Organizer (Any Location): Solicit in-kind contributions of accommodations and meals for participants in your community or across the province along the designated route, and coordinate with participants to provide access to these services.
  • Driver (On the Route): Drive your own electric or bio-fuel vehicle along the route, carrying gear for participants and volunteers and campaign materials. Stop along the route and offer water and snacks to participants, deliver materials for events and help with setup and take-down.
  • Outreach: Capture photos, videos and stories from participants along the route, post them on the official social media channels and communicate with local news agencies, websites and other grassroots campaigns to get them published. Act as a liason between other reporters and Unity participants.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Recruit and organize more volunteers and participants along the route.

Organize an Event in Your Community

This is a big one! Events are backbone of our momentum. If you live in or near a community along the route, organize a rally, concert or panel discussion centered on the issue of climate change. Contact us to check if there are other events planned; we can provide ideas for locations, coordinate with existing offers of in-kind services like catering, and tell you when the travelers are expected to pass through your community. Due to the transient nature of the journey, it’s vital for event coordinators to use social media as a means to organize and mobilize.

Make the Journey

The ultimate contribution for those able is to join all or part of the 5,000-kilometer journey from the westcoast of Canada to Ottawa, starting in Victoria or the community closest to your home. Participants will travel approximately 30km every day using a range of self-propelled transportation. Runners and cyclists will travel in a group on highways and trails along the designated route. Others may travel via train or bus and join campaign events and actions. Check the Social page and Blog for regular updates on the trip progress, including event dates and predicted arrival times for each community. Details on the arrival at Parliament Hill will be announced in early August.

If you’re planning to join for any part the journey, please carefully note the following!

  • Unity for the Climate is a grassroots campaign; while many individuals may work behind the scenes to promote and organize the movement, there is no official structure or organizational capacity. As such, participants are 100% responsible for their own health and safety, including all food, supplies and accommodations necessary for their participation in the trip.
  • While volunteers and other participants will likely guide you to offers of accommodation and other services, there are no guarantees and no legal liability is assumed by any organizer, volunteer or other participant of Unity for the Climate.
  • Participants should be financially and physically independent, and organize their own support network for the duration of the trip. 
  • Any services available will be offered to participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The trip will be physically and mentally challenging. While most days will average 35km with 4-6 hours of travel, some will include stretches of more than 50km, with 8 or more hours of travel. Some days we’ll start before dawn and stop well after nightfall. The weather is uncertain. The route will include rustic trails, backroads and highways. For everyone’s safety, please ensure you have adequate training, good-health and pack lots of water, all-weather gear, good lights, and wear a helmet if cycling.
  • The route, timing and all details are subject to change. Organizers will encourage – but not be responsible for enforcing – a consensus system for making collective, inclusive decisions about changes in route and pace.
  • Unity for the Climate is a 100% peaceful, non-partisan campaign that encourages diversity and collaboration. We expect a modicum of respectful debate and non-confrontational communication with other organizations and authorities, even when they hold opinions opposite of our own! If you don’t believe strongly in the importance of unity, democracy and free speech, you should probably join a different movement.

Still want to join? We’ll be thrilled to welcome you as key player in the campaign to restore environmental justice and action on climate change in Canada! Please indicate your intentions to participate by contacting us; we’ll send you more information when it becomes available and let you know if there may be a support vehicle or any accommodations available to you.